Angie’s Year in Books 2019

I just didn’t quite make my goal this year. -_-

But, considering that I did graduate from college and write a 10,000+ word academic article on the importance of diverse representation in genre literature that I then submitted for publication, started a blog (this one, obvi), and begin writing for another website (Horror Bound), I’d say I did pretty damned good anyway.

And for 2020, I’ve set a more modest goal of 50 books, which should allow me to do enough to review regularly here and at Horror Bound, plus still read plenty for my own enjoyment.

And for Ladies of Horror Fiction’s #LadiesFirst20 Challenge, I am currently reading The Cult Called Freedom House by Stephanie Evelyn.

This means that I’m temporarily pausing on She Died Famous by Kyle Rutkin and Dessa’s My Own Devices – I know Dessa’s book would also have counted, but I want my first book of the year/decade to be horror. So, those will resume as soon as I finish Cult.

Will you be participating in LOH’s challenge? What are you reading?

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